Be in love with yourself 

So, I was standing next to a girl who’s in lots of my classes at school the other day, and there’s this bus stop on the opposite side of the the road and there’s this girl standing there. This girl is beautiful, skinny and blonde hair right (I’m not gay, but I’m just saying she was pretty). 

This girl I was standing with was like 

Look at her, I mean she sticking her bum out to make it look like it’s actually bigger than it really is. I mean all she has to do is workout. Is it that hard to do some squats? 

And to be totally honest I was absolutely outraged like how can someone stand there and be like that. Everyone and everything has built up this image you have to be, the figure that you must have the bum the boobs. And it’s just so wrong and awful.

Society has created a “perfect” image for us all to look like and that’s terrible. So if you don’t look like that you’re wrong and not perfect. That’s not how it should be. 

You should be happy with what you like.  You shouldn’t change to make others happy, you should only change d you want to change. You shouldn’t need to do “some squats” to make someone else happy, and why should you? 

Don’t change for someone else just because they don’t like the way you look! 

Ok I’m back officially. Well…

So I’ve been away for a while now. 

It’s been a rather long time, but I just needed a bit of a break. A break from what? Well, every thing I guess. 

So I hope you’re all doing wonderfully and having a great week so far. 

Anyway, I’m back. Spain was gorgeous, amazing beautiful and just amazing. To be honest I wouldn’t mind living there. 

School is average, however how can school be more than average? 

Anyway this was just a quick “Hey in still alive kinda thing!”

So that’s it for now. 

Rosie xx

Hello Spain/Portugal 

Sorry for the lack of posts, it’s only because I’m in Spain curently! 

It’s amazing, sooooo beautiful and the weather is fantastic. We’ve been to some beaches and a huge nature reserve. At the beaches the sand is burning hot, yet the sea is wonderfully icy on your toes. 

I’ve got posts ready when I get back to the UK, so they will go up as soon as possible. 

Love you all and have a good day! 

Rosie xx

Hi, I’m sorry again! 

HI,  I know that I haven’t been posting much, and I’m really sorry. 

But I’m here now and that is what matters, right?

 I apologise to all the lovely people who have nominated and tagged me to do awards and I will do them, hopefully tomorrow. I actually can’t wait! 

Recent update: more exams, more homework, more stress. Although, I’m going on holiday in just 4 days! So very excited!!! Will be posting lots and with pictures if I can! 

Looking for magazines to read on the plane, can yoy think of any? Please leave them in the comments! 

Thanks xx

Fed up 

I’m going to warn you right now. Here comes my emotional break down. Ok?

If you don’t want to read, that’s fine. I’ll see you in a happier post, that’s ok. But I need to rant and spill all of the beans. 

Parents: Being actual A-holes, moaning how I’m not doing well enough in school and how my Bs and As aren’t good enough I need to get A* because they think I’m failing in their eyes. And I could be doing better, and I’m not good enough. Let’s just say they’ve got high expectations. 

Y’know how parents are all like you’re over exaggerating and that’s not how it is, you’re just overeating because you’re a teenager. And sometimes we are not over exaggerating and that is how we view them. Sometimes they don’t realise that is how we view it and how that makes us feel. So suckish at the moment. 


School friends: Are we drifting apart? Have u done something wrong? Idk anymore? 

The other friend: Parents agian are forcing me to socialise with those whom I don’t want to socialise with. I want to be with my actual friends who I can be “me”with. Who u can joke around and them not be offended at everything possible. 

That guy friend: He makes me question everything, like: Am I actually nice? Am I likeable? Am I awful? Do I look bad? Am I bad? Why am I always on the outskirts? Am I good enough? Am I enough? 

The friend who’s moving away: Found out today that one of my really good friends is moving up north, like never to be seen again. Now that hit hard. 

So that’s it. For now. Feeling a little better. Thanks for reading my rant. 

What’s on your mind right now? Comment down below? 

Rosie xx 

Curly hair and exams! 

Sooooooooo it’s been a long time no see. Which I find rather sad. Anyway I’m back finally and it feels good! 

So I know I and many other people use the excuse of exams and homework as not to write blog posts, and I know it’s tiresome but its true. So many exams. So much revision. Damn I’ve missed the blogging world. 

So past few weeks has been a test a day or more (apart from the weekends obvs), which has been no fun at all, I can tell you. It been full of worrying if vanadium comes before titanium in the periodic table and what the formula is for working out the area of a sector. So much joy and fun. 

So, I’m just gonna give y’all a quick update on life currently. So exams (of course) and today has been fun, met up with old friends and had a wonderful time. Ummm. I’ve passed my Spring term exams in French, chemistry, Religious studies so far. Idk about the rest. 

Tried a new palette ftom Barry M, Hide and chic, gorgeous bronzer but in my opinion the highlighter is not pigmented enough neither sparkly to fulfill my standards just because i need a very sparkly highlight. I also tried new foundation from Rimmel, Lasting finish 25hr one; absolutely love it, great coverage, feels light, looks natural, best one yet I’ve tried! 

Also,loving the new range at Select, especially their crepe fabric camis with ribbon going from the middle of the v-neck to the top, idk what they are called.

New look are having a sale where I am, do look out for sale right now, you can find fabulous things. 

Oh yeah it was also my birthday on the 23rd of February! So that was very exciting, good food and evening, had exams in the day – not so much fun. 

That’s is just about. Anyway goodnight! 

Rosie xx 

Hey, ummm help? 

Sorry to bother you all with my problem, but I think one of my blog posts hs been deleted. I’ve been panicking for the last 15minutes and I don’t know what has happened. If you don’t mind could you just check out my blog and check for “the blogger recognition award” post. I can’t find it, whll I can but it seems all of its contents has disappeared. I don’t know if it’s just my account or not, but would you mind checking and letting me know what’s on your screen in the comments. 

50 facts about me

I have only been blogging for about 2 months and I have realised you guys don’t actually know that much about me. So by still staying anonymous I am going to share 50 things about me with you.

  1. I love food 
  2. I live in England
  3. When I am hungry at 10pm at night I’ll either eat 4 bowls of rice krispies  or I’ll cook myself a can of rice pudding.
  4. I love cameras
  5. I love my polaroid camera
  6. I love my DSLR camera
  7. I hate being the centre of attention
  8. I hate photos of me from the age of 5 upwards
  9. I don’t take selfies and I hate people taking photos of me
  10. I have never tried sushi
  11. I love drawing
  12. I always wear skinny jeans, I live in them, apart from my PJ’s
  13. I get really cold, like really really cold. like right now I’m sitting in bed in PJ’s then a onesie over the top. on top of me is my duvet plus 5 blankets and a hot water bottle.
  14. I hate plain candles, like what are they meant to do? They don’t smell nice, so what is their purpose.
  15. I love reading.
  16. I hate cocky people, who are self absorbed. like what is their problem?
  17. I hate football, rugby, badminton, cricket and dance
  18. I love tennis, rounders, running, swimming and cycling
  19. I am a make up lover. I wear it all day, everyday
  20. I love blankets
  21. I want to be taller, like a lot taller. I just want another 4-5 inches of height. is that too much to ask?
  22. I have never tried a hot dog, like one with a proper sausage
  23. My birthday is on the 23rd of February
  24. I love dressmaking, not just sewing cushions and toys, like proper skirts and dresses.
  25. I have never tried skittles
  26. I want to be a designer
  27. I am the highlighter queen, highlight is just my thing. I like to be sparkly
  28. I want to travel the world.
  29. I love to paint
  30. I can’t dance
  31. I have small feet. I’m a 3/4 UK size.
  32. I’m really messy, my bedroom’s currently a mess.
  33. I hate hanging up clothes.
  34. I like to colour code everything, my revision. my planner, my wardrobe.
  35. I hate making my bed. I’m just going to get in it again. Why make it then?
  36. I love fashion. peplums and bardot
  37. I like handbags. a lot
  38. I hate flat shoes. I just look so small then.
  39. FAIRY LIGHTS. OMD. Do not get me started. I love them, they are amazing. they make anywhere look amazing.
  40. I can’t bake macaroons
  41. I can make Victoria sponge
  42. I love pineapple and coconut, the smell and the taste
  43. I love art
  44. I’ve always wanted a brother. a big brother. but we all know that’s not going to happen
  45. I like SOME murder mysteries. Some just scare the hell out of me. 
  46. I want to go to my best friend’s big sister’s wedding in New York this summer. 
  47. I need a job 
  48. I love rose gold. LOVE IT. Currently turning my room into a rose gold fun house! 
  49. I cannot wake up early when I need to but can wake up early when I don’t
  50. I love the blogging world. 

    Rosie xx 

    Share a fun fact about you in the comments! 


    I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted. I’ve wanted to post, I really did but I haven’t been able to. The past three weeks have been filled with jabs, appointments, the hospital, school, homework, tests just everything really. I haven’t had a social life, just school, hospital, homework on a repeat like a broken record.

    I wont update you on my miserable life because that would be tedious for both for you and for me. I’m just letting you guys know that 1) I’m still alive and 2) I’m off for a week so I’m going to flood you with blog posts to make up for the ones you lost.

    Although, I haven’t been posting, I have been replying to comments as much as I can and liking when I can as well. I have realised that some of you have nominated me for tags and awards, thanks so much. You don’t know how much it means to me! *sending virtual hugs and kisses* I will get round to doing them this week. 

    Sorry again! I have really missed everyone on here. Xxxx