Hello World!

To start off – Happy Holidays everyone!

So, you must have wandered the many paths of the internet and stumbled upon my little blog here in my corner, my ever so small corner of the internet.

First of all, welcome to my blog!

Secondly, let me introduce myself, I am Rosie, a teenager who could never write a diary and I live in the UK, the wonderful bright and sunny UK.

This blog doesn’t really have a particular theme, however I’m a huge fan of the following (brace yourselves): food, photography, books, fashion, art, scarves (especially tartan), flowers, stationery, chocolate, baking, make-up, beauty,  (anything) rose gold, fairy lights and soooo much more but I don’t want to continue to bore you .

Whilst this blog having no theme, here we can ALL share our problems and thoughts, our good experiences and bad – especially us teenage girls , we’ve got a lot more to worry about than what is on the surface, so please don’t judge us we aren’t perfect either.

Now let me explain the origin of this blog. When I was younger I could only keep a diary a maximum of about 4 days. Although, it would be the secret diaries with the tiny silver padlocks and by the 7th day of owning it, I had already lost the keys and there would be no way of continuing it, even if I wanted to. So, I thought about starting a blog and here it is.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first blog post (to anyone who may be reading this) and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Rosie xx




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