Goals For 2017

Hello 2017! It is actually 2017! Oh my goodness!

After 2016,  think we are all hoping for better things from this year. Even though all the awful things that happened last year (that’s weird to say, well type) I think 2016 has made us all stronger for whatever is to come.

I have never really made “New Year’s Resolutions” and I’m not about to. But to be honest I don’t think they really work for anyone. Who actually completes their New Year’s Resolutions though? WHO?

So, I’ve decided to set myself GOALS FOR 2017 instead of resolutions (however only 3 of them, if I set more than 3 I don’t think I’d achieve them).

  1. Not to be scared To become less scared of what people think and say about me.
  2. To improve in photography
  3. To be more confident and believe in myself more

What are your 3 GOALS FOR 2017? Love to know them, leave them in the comments section!




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