The Blogger Recognition Award


20 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award

  1. xaspierudegirlx says:

    Thanks for the nomination! 🙂 Really appreciated especially since I have only been blogging for like a couple weeks now ish… I will do my best to continue this on going award, I am new so it is going to be hard to nominate 15 other blogs haha

    Few question to anyone who reads this comment really…

    How do you link blogs in your posts? like make it shortened to their name but it still links the page when you click the name like yours haha

    Do I have to put a picture as well in my blogger award post? if so how do you do that and do I have to use my own?

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  2. uniquelyrosie says:

    No problem! I really appreciated my nomination too, since I am too, a new blogger like yourself. I found it difficult to pick 15 as I love so many of everyone’s blogs.

    If you are on a tablet/iPad you have a little bar going horizontal across the screen which has things like B for bold and if you swipe along you will come across an icon which has too kind of rectangles which are through each other – a bit like the wedding rings sort of thing, if you know what I mean – then a box will appear in the middle of your screen. This box has 2 boxes for you to type text in 1) is the url/the website address and the 2) is what is the shortened name for that link.

    However, if you are in a desktop view there is an editing bar at the top of the screen which is beneath where you input the title, yet still above the blog post you are about to write. You will find the same icon there and it is very similar in the respect of the box appearing in the middle of the screen.

    Some people don’t always put pictures for the blogger award post, which is ok.
    On a tablet/iPad: You can do that by selecting the three dots button on the right hand side of the bar going across, within that a small menu will drop down consisting of 2 options, one of which will be entitled options, if you click on this it will you bring you to a sort of settings of that certain blog post, in this menu thing, there is something called a featured image, you can select one by clicking on this!

    If you are on a desktop view there is normally a side bar on the left had side which is exactly like the options in the tablet/iPad version, but this menu is available and visible throughout you writing your blog post. On this menu you will find featured image, this is where you can upload an image.

    I didn’t use the one that everyone else had been using, I designed my own one because I too was unsure of what I was meant to do. You can always use mine, I don’t mind in the very least.

    Hope this helped! Sorry if it didn’t, and I was babbling too much! Sometimes when I explain things , not everyone understands because I explain them in a weird way. Sorry about that!

    Rosie xx


  3. xaspierudegirlx says:

    This really helps! If I can’t master it I will figure out some other newbie way of doing it haha but really thanks for the tips. You don’t explain things in a weird way, this was very straight forward and easy to understand. Thank you!

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