50 facts about me

I have only been blogging for about 2 months and I have realised you guys don’t actually know that much about me. So by still staying anonymous I am going to share 50 things about me with you.

  1. I love food 
  2. I live in England
  3. When I am hungry at 10pm at night I’ll either eat 4 bowls of rice krispies  or I’ll cook myself a can of rice pudding.
  4. I love cameras
  5. I love my polaroid camera
  6. I love my DSLR camera
  7. I hate being the centre of attention
  8. I hate photos of me from the age of 5 upwards
  9. I don’t take selfies and I hate people taking photos of me
  10. I have never tried sushi
  11. I love drawing
  12. I always wear skinny jeans, I live in them, apart from my PJ’s
  13. I get really cold, like really really cold. like right now I’m sitting in bed in PJ’s then a onesie over the top. on top of me is my duvet plus 5 blankets and a hot water bottle.
  14. I hate plain candles, like what are they meant to do? They don’t smell nice, so what is their purpose.
  15. I love reading.
  16. I hate cocky people, who are self absorbed. like what is their problem?
  17. I hate football, rugby, badminton, cricket and dance
  18. I love tennis, rounders, running, swimming and cycling
  19. I am a make up lover. I wear it all day, everyday
  20. I love blankets
  21. I want to be taller, like a lot taller. I just want another 4-5 inches of height. is that too much to ask?
  22. I have never tried a hot dog, like one with a proper sausage
  23. My birthday is on the 23rd of February
  24. I love dressmaking, not just sewing cushions and toys, like proper skirts and dresses.
  25. I have never tried skittles
  26. I want to be a designer
  27. I am the highlighter queen, highlight is just my thing. I like to be sparkly
  28. I want to travel the world.
  29. I love to paint
  30. I can’t dance
  31. I have small feet. I’m a 3/4 UK size.
  32. I’m really messy, my bedroom’s currently a mess.
  33. I hate hanging up clothes.
  34. I like to colour code everything, my revision. my planner, my wardrobe.
  35. I hate making my bed. I’m just going to get in it again. Why make it then?
  36. I love fashion. peplums and bardot
  37. I like handbags. a lot
  38. I hate flat shoes. I just look so small then.
  39. FAIRY LIGHTS. OMD. Do not get me started. I love them, they are amazing. they make anywhere look amazing.
  40. I can’t bake macaroons
  41. I can make Victoria sponge
  42. I love pineapple and coconut, the smell and the taste
  43. I love art
  44. I’ve always wanted a brother. a big brother. but we all know that’s not going to happen
  45. I like SOME murder mysteries. Some just scare the hell out of me. 
  46. I want to go to my best friend’s big sister’s wedding in New York this summer. 
  47. I need a job 
  48. I love rose gold. LOVE IT. Currently turning my room into a rose gold fun house! 
  49. I cannot wake up early when I need to but can wake up early when I don’t
  50. I love the blogging world. 

    Rosie xx 

    Share a fun fact about you in the comments! 


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