Fed up 

I’m going to warn you right now. Here comes my emotional break down. Ok?

If you don’t want to read, that’s fine. I’ll see you in a happier post, that’s ok. But I need to rant and spill all of the beans. 

Parents: Being actual A-holes, moaning how I’m not doing well enough in school and how my Bs and As aren’t good enough I need to get A* because they think I’m failing in their eyes. And I could be doing better, and I’m not good enough. Let’s just say they’ve got high expectations. 

Y’know how parents are all like you’re over exaggerating and that’s not how it is, you’re just overeating because you’re a teenager. And sometimes we are not over exaggerating and that is how we view them. Sometimes they don’t realise that is how we view it and how that makes us feel. So suckish at the moment. 


School friends: Are we drifting apart? Have u done something wrong? Idk anymore? 

The other friend: Parents agian are forcing me to socialise with those whom I don’t want to socialise with. I want to be with my actual friends who I can be “me”with. Who u can joke around and them not be offended at everything possible. 

That guy friend: He makes me question everything, like: Am I actually nice? Am I likeable? Am I awful? Do I look bad? Am I bad? Why am I always on the outskirts? Am I good enough? Am I enough? 

The friend who’s moving away: Found out today that one of my really good friends is moving up north, like never to be seen again. Now that hit hard. 

So that’s it. For now. Feeling a little better. Thanks for reading my rant. 

What’s on your mind right now? Comment down below? 

Rosie xx 


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