Be in love with yourself 

So, I was standing next to a girl who’s in lots of my classes at school the other day, and there’s this bus stop on the opposite side of the the road and there’s this girl standing there. This girl is beautiful, skinny and blonde hair right (I’m not gay, but I’m just saying she was pretty). 

This girl I was standing with was like 

Look at her, I mean she sticking her bum out to make it look like it’s actually bigger than it really is. I mean all she has to do is workout. Is it that hard to do some squats? 

And to be totally honest I was absolutely outraged like how can someone stand there and be like that. Everyone and everything has built up this image you have to be, the figure that you must have the bum the boobs. And it’s just so wrong and awful.

Society has created a “perfect” image for us all to look like and that’s terrible. So if you don’t look like that you’re wrong and not perfect. That’s not how it should be. 

You should be happy with what you like.  You shouldn’t change to make others happy, you should only change d you want to change. You shouldn’t need to do “some squats” to make someone else happy, and why should you? 

Don’t change for someone else just because they don’t like the way you look!