Happy thoughts 

Here’s some happy thoughts to brighten your Monday, and start your week! 

Remember this guys! 

I loved this one! Thought you might like it too. 


In the real world and in the blogosphere! We are all here to support each other! 

If you’re wondering where I go these lovelies, I got them from  https://www.instagram.com/positivezone/ and https://www.instagram.com/positivevibesaf/

If you would like my instagram it is https://www.instagram.com/uniquelyrosie/

Sorry for the shorter post, I’m a little bit buried with homework and stuff. So sorry. Rosie xx



Guys. Remain calm ok. OK?  




Juts thought I would share that lovely news with y’all! Love to know what the weather is like where you are right now! Let me know in the comments! 

Rosie xx 


Recently, I made the most amazing cookies with some lovely friends. It was so great attempting these with such bubbly and great people. I feel like baking with friends is way more exciting than doing it by yourself, so find a baking friend! It was so fun to do and they turned out really well, so I thought I would share my recipe with you! 

Some really good chocolate chip cookies 


3/4 a cup of Caster sugar 

1/2 a cup of Brown sugar

2 cups of Self raising flour 

1 and 1/2 a cup of Chocolate (chips or chunks: either way is super tasty) 

3/4 of a cup of Butter (we used salted) 

1 Egg (medium) 

2 teaspoons of Vanilla extract 


 1. Preheat the oven to 180 C / Gas 4. Grease two baking trays (we used exta butter from the block) or line with baking paper.

2. Cream the sugars and the butter together until pale and smooth. ( we had to mush them, with a wooden spoon, a little bit before the were “creamed”) Beat in the egg, but don’t over-mix ( I think if you over mix it  will curdle the mixture – although how can you tell if cookie mixture is “curdled”?) 

3. Add the flour and the chocolate chips. Hopefull the dough should be a little sticky, if not add a teaspoon of milk until it is a little sticky. Place blob (or rolled up balls of dough if I’d didn’t turn out stick and you have no milk) of mixture on the prepared baking trays.

4. Bake in the preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes, (until golden but not too golden though) then remove from oven and leave to cool. 
If you make them please send photos love to see how they turned out! Hope you enjoyed this recipe! 

Rosie xx 

Btw. They taste really good warm with vanilla or chocolate ice cream, and chocolate sauce or Nutella! 

Goals For 2017

Hello 2017! It is actually 2017! Oh my goodness!

After 2016,  think we are all hoping for better things from this year. Even though all the awful things that happened last year (that’s weird to say, well type) I think 2016 has made us all stronger for whatever is to come.

I have never really made “New Year’s Resolutions” and I’m not about to. But to be honest I don’t think they really work for anyone. Who actually completes their New Year’s Resolutions though? WHO?

So, I’ve decided to set myself GOALS FOR 2017 instead of resolutions (however only 3 of them, if I set more than 3 I don’t think I’d achieve them).

  1. Not to be scared To become less scared of what people think and say about me.
  2. To improve in photography
  3. To be more confident and believe in myself more

What are your 3 GOALS FOR 2017? Love to know them, leave them in the comments section!



Farewell 2016

Farewell 2016, lets just say I’m glad to see you go.

For all of us, I think that 2016 has been a pretty bumpy journey. It’s had its highs and lows. This year we have lost so many inspirational figures. Not only that, the political world is going crazy, all the terrorist attacks and last of PPAP (why?) 

To be honest, I actually cannot believe that we are only 6 hours away from a new year! It is exciting yet still extremely scary, I don’t know how this year has passed so fast. 

Even though it has been rough we’ve got through it all (somehow), however in-between all the awful stuff that has happened there’s been some awesome and fantastic stuff woven in-between it all, for me it has been:

  • I’ve met some amazing people, who have become really great friends
  • My mum has had the all clear for brain tumours
  • I’ve started this blog (YAY)
  • And I guess so much more, like finding a shop right near your Dad’s office where you can buy 250 fortune cookies for £13.95. Even the little things count.

Can you think of 3 wonderful things you’ve done/that had happened this year? Let me know in the comments!

Hello World!

To start off – Happy Holidays everyone!

So, you must have wandered the many paths of the internet and stumbled upon my little blog here in my corner, my ever so small corner of the internet.

First of all, welcome to my blog!

Secondly, let me introduce myself, I am Rosie, a teenager who could never write a diary and I live in the UK, the wonderful bright and sunny UK.

This blog doesn’t really have a particular theme, however I’m a huge fan of the following (brace yourselves): food, photography, books, fashion, art, scarves (especially tartan), flowers, stationery, chocolate, baking, make-up, beauty,  (anything) rose gold, fairy lights and soooo much more but I don’t want to continue to bore you .

Whilst this blog having no theme, here we can ALL share our problems and thoughts, our good experiences and bad – especially us teenage girls , we’ve got a lot more to worry about than what is on the surface, so please don’t judge us we aren’t perfect either.

Now let me explain the origin of this blog. When I was younger I could only keep a diary a maximum of about 4 days. Although, it would be the secret diaries with the tiny silver padlocks and by the 7th day of owning it, I had already lost the keys and there would be no way of continuing it, even if I wanted to. So, I thought about starting a blog and here it is.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first blog post (to anyone who may be reading this) and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Rosie xx